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HDmedia is a multicultural multilingual creative production agency that combines a network of talented professionals and artists in all areas of advertising, design, audio, video, photography, talent and print; all in one place.
Our network of professionals, allow us to present to you a full array of services at the highest quality, targeting the growing Hispanic market in the USA and Latin America. Our experience in designing bilingual marketing materials gives us a great advantage in this fast growing market.
Whether you are a modest local business or a large multinational corporation, HDmedia can help you with your next project.
Call us today for a free consultation, we can help you stand out above the competition.
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Photography is an essential part of any marketing or packaging materials and few photographers have the combined experience in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, color correction and digital photo manipulation in commercial printing environments.
We have extensive knowledge in film and digital photography, specializing in food styling, product photography and a number of other photography applications.
When we photograph, we do it with a printer's perspective in mind and this makes our images look as they where intended. Vibrant colors, high contrast, sharp detail and depth, ensures the best in every print.
Digital photo manipulation is an art that takes years of experience at all levels of the digital process, the final result is all we aim for so your package or marketing material looks its best.
Videography has become a part of our daily lives. Companies are producing more videos to support their marketing campaign, corporate image, employee training and more.
We at HDmedia can help you with our extensive knowledge in digital video production , with more than 20 years in broadcast television experience, which gives us an advantage in your search for your next video project, from commercials to full length documentaries.
And most recently, we can produce live-streaming services for your project on Facebook live, YouTube or any other streaming service.
We can design a project that fits your budget and needs.
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Audio production goes hand in hand with video production. HDmedia has an audio production team with over 25 years of experience to deliver the best sound quality audio. Our post-production facility is ready for voice-over recording, ADR, mixing, editing, sound design, and audio sweeting. HDmedia can also provide on-location audio production so ensure your videos have the proper audio files and quality that accompanies your project.
From concept to final artwork, we combine our in-house creative design with our extensive experience in commercial printing, to produce amazing artwork ready to print.
Printing has been in our hearts since decades ago and we have been fortunate to work with several of the best printers in the US and México, allowing us a massive experience in almost any printing technology.
We at HDmedia are committed to provide our combine knowledge to give you the highest levels of quality, service, innovation and technical support to our customers.
2008 EMMY Award - Lone Star Chapter - Outstanding Specialty Assignment Report

2007 EMMY Nomination - Lone Star Chapter - Outstanding Specialty Assignment Report

2006 AVA Gold Award - International Event

2006 International Society of Photographers ISP Award

2006 EMMY Award - Lone Star Chapter - Outstanding Specialty Assignment Report

2006 EMMY Award - Lone Star Chapter - Outstanding Continuing Coverage

1992 Casa Real de España